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CFSv2 is now operational. The CFSRR (Reanalysis and Reforecast of CFSv2) will NOT be extended beyond March 2011. Users must maintain their own continuing archive by downloading the real time operational data from the 7-day rotating archive located at:

The CFS web server is in the process of reconstruction. Data on the server will be unavailable for download until this process is complete. This may take some weeks. Notification will be posted when all the data becomes available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

 NEW   The NCEP CFSv2 Paper (J.Climate,27,2185–2208)

 NEW   CFSv2 decadal run datasets are now available at ESGF/PCMDI

 NEW   CMIP runs (with CFSv2) monthly mean datasets are now available here 3 runs

 NEW   04/16/2014 Timeseries of the 9 month monthly means is now available here.

Some Verification Datasets are now available here 4/25/2011

IMPORTANT NOTICE: An error was discovered in the computation of the climatologies for the monthly means of the 9 month CFSv2 reforecasts. Corrected climatologies were computed and are now available. We highly recommend that you re-download the new climatologies.

A very small subset of the calibration climatologies have been provided for the following:
  Monthly Means of 9 Month Reforecasts (1982-2010)
  45 Day/1 Season Timeseries
  Timeseries of 9 Month Means
  CFSR Monthly
  CFSR Timeseries

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